ETP-E Plus Models

etp-e-plus The axle and hub are connected by a single bolt, so installation can be done quickly and easily. Moreover, the concentricity is an excellent 0.02mm, so it is perfect for places where high precision is required and it will be frequently removed and installed. It is built to tighten radially, so it does not need a lot of space to operate.

Simple and accurate positioning

Freely positionable for different axial and rotation directions, so installation on equipment requiring accurate synchronized adjustments is simple.

Space saving

The axle is designed to be fastened radially, so a space saving layout is possible. We have produced a low inertia, compact, and light weight design.

High concentricity

The surface pressure on the axle and hub is uniform, so a high level of concentricity is preserved, even if the outer diameter of the hub is small. Therefore, even when used with high speed rotation, any unbalance due to centrifugal force is kept small.

Reliably speedy installation

It can be reliably installed just by tightening a single bolt with the prescribed amount of torque. (*To reliably attach the axle and hub with the proper surface pressure, make sure the axle and hub are in complete contact with each other.)

Safety guarantee in food processing and medical equipment

As safe lubricants for use with food processing equipment (NSF H1 registered products) are used as a pressure medium, safety in food processing machinery and medical equipment has improved.(*When using ETP-E Plus R models.)