DL Models

These are couplings with different shaft centers that use the crank motion of a link. Power input at one end disc is transmitted via a link and center disc to another end disc.Since power is transmitted by links, extremely little reaction force is generated, which allows a large eccentricity of up to ±4 mm.

DL Models


ModelNo. of linksParallel [mm]Rated torque [N・m]Max. rotation speed [min-1Moment of inertia [kg・m2Mass [kg]
DL 7.7-022×229320007.75×10-41.1
DL 7.9-032×2313518002.30×10-31.7
DL 10.12-042×2440216009.98×10-34.4
DL 13.14-042×2470614002.60×10-29.1
DL 16.16-042×24123012005.10×10-213.9
DL 20.20-042×24231010001.44×10-124.1

*Max. rotation speed does not take into account dynamic balance.


DL 7.7-0270742548M1010
DL 7.9-0392744570M1010
DL 10.12-041201015090M1215
DL 13.14-0414013455100M1622
DL 16.16-0416015560115M1625
DL 20.20-0420019680150M2030