BE Models (For ordinary control)

These are basic models of power supplies for controlling electromagnetic clutches and brakes with rated voltage of 24 V DC. The 24 V DC required to operate electromagnetic clutches and brakes can be obtained simply by connecting/inputting either 100 V AC or 200 V AC specifications.Since they output full-wave rectified 24 V DC isolated and stepped down by a transformer, the power supply is sturdy, safe, and highly reliable. The construction is very simple, unitizing a transformer and rectifier in a compact form factor, and maintenance is easy.

BE Models


Dimensions/TypeRefer to the List of DimensionsType 1Type 2Type 3Type 4Type 2Type 3Type 4Type 2Type 3
Input voltageAC 100 V± 10% 50 Hz/60 Hz
AC 110 V
AC 200 V
AC 220 V
Output voltageTransformer stepdown/Single-phase full-wave rectification/Non-smoothingDC 24 VDC 24 V output, internal relayDC 21.5 V
Rated/capacityContinuous rating25 W50 W100 W200 W25 W50 W100 W56.6 W114 W
Size setting◎: Accepts two or more connections ●: Applicable △: Applicable depending on clutch or brake model011212
02  1313
04  2121
06  2525
10  3232
Applicable clutches/brakesMiki Pulley clutches and brakes, Rated voltage: DC 24 VElectromagnetic clutches and brakes,
spring-actuated brakes,
other standard control applications
Switching control applications for clutch & brake unitsTooth clutch applications
Protection functionFast-acting fuse, input side1 A1 A3 A5 A1 A1 A3 A3 A3 A5 A5 A
Usage environmentWith no condensation0℃ to +50℃/10% to 90% RH
MassPer product1.4 kg2.4 kg4.0 kg6.4 kg1.6 kg3.0 kg4.9 kg3.4 kg3.4 kg4.4 kg4.4 kg


DimensionsType No.
Type 1Type 2Type 3Type 4



Output type

Using a transformer to step-down the voltage and perform full-wave rectification on single-phase power from a commercial power supply produces a DC voltage output of 24 V DC. The output voltage may be affected by pulses as the signal is not smoothed, but these pulses should not have any effect on normal, daily operation of electromagnetic clutches and brakes. For applications requiring highly accurate clutch and brake responsiveness with no fluctuations in voltage whatsoever, use a power supply with a smoothed supply voltage or a Miki Pulley BEH model power supply

Power supply voltage fluctuations and output voltage

This power supply device experiences fluctuations in output voltage at the same rate as it experiences fluctuations in input voltage. Keep power supply voltage fluctuations to within a range of ±10% to maintain normal operation.

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