Electromagnetic clutches and brakes are devices that, as their names suggest, couple, release, brake and hold machinery in place using electromagnetic force generated by passing a current through a coil. They are divided into two types by their method of actuation: electromagnetic actuated and spring actuated. Electromagnetic actuated refers to clutches and brakes that are actuated when a current is passed through a coil; spring actuated refers to brakes that are actuated by the force of a spring when current to the coil is shut off, as happen in power outages. Miki Pulley divides its electromagnetic clutches and brakes into several major categories: electromagnetic-actuated clutches and brakes, spring-actuated brakes, electromagnetic tooth clutches, brake motors, and electromagnetic clutch and brake power supplies. We provide a particularly wide range of electromagnetic-actuated clutches and brakes, including models with large and small transmission torques and units that combine functionality. This enables us to supply the optimal product for your application.

List of Miki pulley Electromagnetic Clutches & Brakes

Electromagnetic-actuated Micro Clutches and Brakes

Product Model

102 Models (micro clutches) | CYT Models (Custom micro clutches) | 112 Models (Micro brakes)

These micro clutches and brakes are ideal for compact precision equipment where variations in torque and response must be avoided, such as office, communications, and automobile equipment.

Electromagnetic-actuated Clutches and Brakes

Product Model

101/CS Models (Clutches) | 111 Models (brakes) | CSZ Models (Clutches) |
BSZ Models (Brakes)

These units provide excellent performance thanks to intelligent clutch and brake designs suited to the full range of general industrial machinery.

Spring-Actuated Brakes

Product Model

BXR LE Model | BXW Models | BXR Models | BXL Models | BXH Models

These are electromagnetic brakes that are actuated by the force of a spring when electricity is not flowing. They are used for emergency braking when power goes out, for holding stopped positions for long periods of time, and the like.

Electromagnetic Toothed Clutches

Product Model

546 Models

These are electromagnetic-actuated clutches that transmit torque by engaging teeth. They are compact and can transmit very high torque.

Brake Motors

Product Model

BMS Models | BMM Models

These products incorporate an internal electromagnetic-actuated brake or spring-actuated brake without changing the dimensions of the general-purpose motor.

Electromagnetic Clutch & Brake Power Supplies

Product Model

BES Models (For ordinary high-speed control) | BEH Models (For ultra-high-speed control) | BE Models (For ordinary control) | BEW Models | BEW-S Types | BEW-W Types | BEW-FH Types | BEM Models | BEM-T Types

These are power supplies for getting the best performance from our electromagnetic clutch and brakes products. They are divided into high-speed control supplies and rectified supplies.