BES Models (For ordinary high-speed control)

These are compact, high-capacity overexcitation power supplies that can be used in the full range of electromagnetic clutches and brakes of rated voltage 24 V DC/45 V DC/90 V DC developed for general high-speed control.The pull-in time of the armature is improved by applying an overexcitation voltage, relative to the rated excitation voltage, for an instant to achieve high-frequency high-precision operation of electromagnetic clutches and brakes.

BES Models


Input voltageAC100V ± 10% 50/60HzAC100V ± 10% 50/60HzAC200V ± 10% 50/60HzAC200V ± 10% 50/60Hz
Output current2.0 A4.0 A2.0 A4.0 A
Voltage control method PWM control
Constant excitation voltage Adjusted for each model and size at the time of shipment
Overexcitation voltage DC 90 V Full-wave (with AC 100 V input) DC 180 V Full-wave (with AC 200 V input)
Overexcitation time Adjusted for each model and size at the time of shipment
Protective functions Input side Quick-acting fuse (5A)
Insulating resistance DC 500 V With Megger 100 M Ω (between terminal and main body)
Dielectric strength voltage AC 1000 V 50 Hz 1 min. (between terminal and main body)
Usage environment -10℃ to +50℃/10% to 90% RH (with no condensation)
Mass0.3 kg0.7 kg0.3 kg0.7 kg



[Terminals and Functions]

Terminal symbolTerminal nameFunction description
1-2Power supply input terminalConnector for a commercial power supply
3-4Output terminalConnector for an electromagnetic clutch or brake
5-6Control terminal 1Output is controlled by opening and closing between terminals using a relay or the like.
Ground terminalExternal ground terminal (third class ground or more)
S1-S2Control terminal 2Output is controlled by turning the DC 24 V on and off (30 mA, smoothing power supply)


Operating Response

All circuits have been made contactless, and response from signal input to output to the electromagnetic-actuated clutch or brake is fast and stable.

Energy Saving

Standby power is “zero.” Absolutely no electricity is wastefully consumed. By combining this power supply with a MIKI PULLEY spring-actuated brake, the electricity consumption and heat generation of the springactuated brake is reduced by more than 70%, saving energy.

Noise During Operation

BES models use a quiet design, but electromagnetic clutches and brakes may produce excitation noise when operating under some mounting conditions. This noise is not abnormal and is not cause for concern.

Two Types of Control Systems

You can operate under either PLC control (which uses voltage control via programmable controllers or the like) or contactor control (which controls using relays and the like).
In the case of contactor control, however, a power controller for controlling the power supply line must be used.

Supply Voltage Fluctuations and Output Voltage

BES model power supplies are designed to operate reliably even when supply voltage fluctuates. Characteristically, however, their output voltage will rise or fall along with rises and falls of supply voltage. To fulfill electromagnetic clutch/brake performance, supply voltage fluctuations should be kept within a range of ± 10%.

[Wiring Methods and Timing Charts]

Wiring 1 (PLC Control)

[Wiring Methods and Timing Charts]

Wiring 2 (Contactor Control)

Time Chart

[Table of Power Supply/Size Correspondence]

MIKI PULLEY electromagnetic-actuated clutch/brake size 02 025 03 04 05 06 08 10 12 16 20 25
Nominal power supply output current 20 40
Power supply size Excitation voltage For 24 V ( Input voltage 100/200 V・Constant excitation voltage 24 V ) 05 10 16 20 25