BSZ Models (Brakes)

These models have unitized designs based on the 111-12 type of electromagnetic-actuated brake.They use two types of armature so they are shorter in the axial direction, thinner and more compact. Unitized construction allows one-touch mounting. This can greatly shorten mounting time compared to complex installations that involve with gap adjustment and calibration of concentricity and eccentricity. Being easier to work with, they have excellent cost performance.

BSZ Models


ModelSizeDynamic friction torque Td [N・m]Static friction torque Ts [N・m]Coil (at 20℃)Heat resistance classLead wireMax. rotation speed [min-1Armature Moment of inertia J [kg・m2Total work performed until readjustment of the air gap ET [J]Armature pull-in time ta [s]Torque build-up time tp [s]Torque decaying time td [s]Bearing usedMass [kg]
Voltage [V]Wattage [W]Current [A]Resistance [Ω]UL styleSize

*The dynamic friction torque, Td, is measured at a relative speed of 100 min-1. Depending on the initial torque characteristics, break-in to condition the engaging surfaces may also be required.


SizeRadial direction dimensionsAxial direction dimensionsShaft bore dimensions