CF-A Models

Power is transmitted by highly elastic rubber.Rubber is excellent at absorbing vibration and shock and also reduces machinery noise. The rubber components of the elastic body are constructed of polygonal rubber with aluminum inserts inserted into their tips. Each is formed by rigid vulcanizing adhesion. These rubber bodies are coupled by bolts in the radial and axial directions of the cylindrical hub and flange hub so that power is transmitted via the rubber body. The bolt coupling in the radial direction is particular has a pre-compressed construction and enables power transmission that is excellent in flexibility and absorption of vibration and shock.

High damping

Heavy vibration and shock is rapidly decreased and absorbed by rubber elements, keeping operation smooth.

Pre-compressed construction

The rubber body is mounted after being compressed in advanced, so it absorbs vibration and shock and exhibits excellent durability.

Mounting types

There are two types: the bolt-mounted O type is locked in place with a bolt in the axial direction while the insertion-mounted S type is inserted in the axial direction.